Quick Salad Maker

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We present you a quick and easy solution to effortlessly enjoy healthy and delicious salads, that is Quick Salad Maker bowl for washing and cutting salad! This quick salad maker is a useful and practical multifunctional kitchen utensil. Thanks to its original design, you can wash and drain the salad ingredients and then easily and safely cut them by inserting a big knife through the slots in the bowl. You can also use this utensil as a salad bowl!

✔️ Made of Polypropylen

✔️ 4 in 1: Wash, drain, cut and serve

✔️ Dishwasher-proof

✔️ Cutting utensil not included

✔️ Diameter x height: approx. 18 x 10 cm

✔️ Packaging and manual with receipts in 12 languages (Spanish, English, French,  Portuguese, Italian, German, Danish, Hungarian, Rumanian, Polish, Dutch and Swedish)

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